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The Supreme court

Hello, and welcome to! Here, we do political debates the way they are supposed to be done, intense and intelligent. Our rules are simple, make a valid point and don’t spam our site and you can deliver your message however you want (With very slight moderation). That is, as long as you do not threaten anyone or make them feel as if they are  being threatened, use your freedom of speech to your advantage. I know, I hate it too when your post gets deleted because some over precocious moderator thinks the fact that you called the other user a moron is wrong, but in some cases that is necessary. I will note, however, it is also annoying to have idiots posting stupid stuff all the time, so quite simply if you don’t want to take the heat from others, don’t make political debates about things you don’t know much about.

The USA Debate Blog

This section of our site is perfect for those of you who wish to keep to yourselves a bit and simply get your message out there. Maybe you wish to give an explanation about education reform, campaign spending, or other widely debated topic without too much input from other users. The blog is the place to post these things, as it is less community based and more of a single persons view.

The USA Debate Forum

Ah, the forum, this is where the debates really get interesting. The forum is more of a community based interaction platform so you can add direct contact with others to your political debates! The Forum is more for those strong willed or outspoken people who wish to tell others what they think, and how irrational what everyone else thinks is. Please note, however, if you choose to enter into the forum, you do so expecting to take political debating the extra step, and you post more or less at your own risk. is not responsible if your feelings get hurt or someone makes fun of you, that is what you sign up for when you participate in the forum.

Disclaimer claims no responsibility for the posts of anyone other than the site administrator. Our users have the right to exercise their freedom of speech and the only one responsible for what they say is the individual who posts it. If you are the type of person who is easily offended or wish to never be criticized, please take your opinions elsewhere. Here at we encourage people to voice their opinion in a strong and powerful manner to ensure they get their points across, and doing so sometimes results in a person or two becoming upset. With this said, however, we wish our users to feel safe and secure about posting on our site, so if you ever feel threatened please let us know by emailing us at and we will work with you to ensure your problem is resolved. As a final note: keep racial comments to yourself. Racial comments do not add anything to political debates and so should kept to yourselves.